CPLR 3216

The Legislature has acted to amend CPLR 3216 so as to eliminate the indiscriminate and arbitrary imposition of CPLR 3216 90-day notices by the courts, and the administrative dismissals which frequently followed. CPLR 3216 (a) is amended to provide that any court initiative or motion must be upon notice to the parties. CPLR 3216 (b), which lists the preconditions to dismissal, is amended in two respects. As to time, paragraph (b) (2) now provides that at least one year since the joinder of issue or six months since the preliminary conference order must have elapsed, whichever is later. Most importantly, paragraph (b)(3) now provides that where it is the court that serves a 90-day notice, the notice must
“set forth the specific conduct constituting the neglect, which conduct shall demonstrate a general pattern of delay in proceeding with the litigation.” Read More