About David H. Rosen:

I served in the Supreme Court, Queens County, as Principal Law Clerk to Justice Arthur W. Lonschein from 1980 through 2000, and as Court Attorney/Referee from 2001 to 2010. I left in the Great Pension Incentive of 2010, and am now in private practice.

I have presented CPLR Updates at the Queens County Bar Association yearly since 1995, and at the Annual Meeting of the General Practice Section of the New York State Bar Association since 2005.

I serve in the Queens County Bar Association as Chairman of the Professional Ethics Committee.

I have taught Litigation and Personal Injury Law in the Queens College Paralegal Studies Program since 1988, and teach Business Law at Nassau Community College.

Contact me by email at argumentsanddemonstrations@gmail.com

About this blog:

The focus will be on New York procedural law, primarily the CPLR, and primarily reporting on recent cases. Posts will come at least weekly. The intended audience is made up of lawyers, law students and other legal professionals. I can’t imagine its appeal to a general audience, except perhaps as a sleep aid.


This blog is for general information only. The opinions I express here are exactly that: my opinions and nothing more. Nothing contained here should be taken as legal advice on a specific matter. Any reader who feels in need of legal advice should seek out an attorney who can give advice on the reader’s specific problem. This blog is not intended as legal advertising. I do not seek, and I will not accept, inquiries from potential clients through this blog. I pretend to no exceptional expertise in this or any other area of the law, relying entirely on my legal experience as described here.

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